NYSE Euronext Would Offer 12 Trading Hours

I came across an article about the possible NYSE and Euronext merger on Yahoo! news: NYSE Euronext Would Offer 12 Trading Hours If the merger proceeds, NYSE Euronext would be trading across 2 continents during 12 hours of trading. I think this would be fantastic. This would cause a lot more action in the markets with the potential for a lot of new traders and an inflow of capital. I’m waiting for the coming day of 24 hour trading – non-stop trading action. I believe 24 hour trading is still another 5 to 10 years away. What are your thoughts?

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  1. Hi Bob,

    You said it. Money never sleeps. We sleep. But business never sleeps.

    I think 24 hour trading will happen in 10 years.

    Both NYSE and Deutsche Boerse see enormous growth potential with a Euronext merger. There are many advantages, most importantly an increase in the capital flowing in to the market, and growing in the market. More trading hours means more people can be involved. Creating a single network for trading enhances the efficiency of buying and selling with numerous market participants.

    NYSE and Deutsche Boerse competition to buy Euronext is one indication of a coming global trading network. Especially NYSE’s bid. NYSE Euronext would cover half of the globe. From there I think it would be easy to integrate markets like India, Japan, and South Korea. Combining with China prove to be more difficult due to their size and economic clout. China will be the next superpower. That being said, merging with China markets could be a great boost to capital and growth of the Chinese economy.

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