TD Ameritrade

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TD Ameritrade

TD Ameritrade


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  • Stocks: $9.99 per trade for online stock trades
  • Stocks: Broker-Assisted orders: $44.99
  • Options: 10 contracts for $17.49
  • Read more: Commissions at TD Ameritrade


Minimum Initial Deposit

  • $2,000

Special Offers at TD Ameritrade

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5 thoughts on “TD Ameritrade”

  1. TD Ameritrade and their charts are horrible and slow. not very many advanced TA functions. Moving Lines do not carry over from day to day, and using them in multiday (5day max) charts becomes so slow it could freeze the bunk java they imploy. Even opening more than 3-4 charts becomes a slow impatient feeling task. I have a nice computer with plenty of ram and fast cpu, and have used other software that doesn’t seem to hang just quite as much as this does. great to learn with but if you want a real broker and to use advanced options you should go with someone like tradestation or tera nova.

  2. Hello !

    Ameritrade is the crappiest broker possible. It was OK 3 years ago, now it just blows. they dont care about the little guy. Its like an AOL of brokers, if you familiar with ISPs.

    Thank You TradingWinner, the best stock market related internet site EVER

  3. TD Ameritrade is the worst online broker around. Even in 2008, they’re still making the same mistakes as before: lost orders, theft of personal data, RUDE customer service reps, inaccurate reports, lousy online experience, website crashes…

    Do yourself a favor and research other brokers that have invested properly in web technology and can support their customers and bandwidth. (Personally, I’ve had much better luck with Fidelity and E*Trade.)

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