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by: Nicholas Kuechler began in December 2005 as a resource for traders and investors. Trading Winner promotes successful trading and investing with a winner attitude. Trading Winner offers commentary, news, analysis, insights, and discussion on all topics relating to successful trading and investing. helps all of its readers and visitors become winners.


Nicholas Kuechler is the primary author of He has been trading stocks online for 4 years and has been studying trading, investing, and business topics for 12 years. Nicholas Kuechler currently resides in Saint Louis, Missouri. He splits his time between writing for, developing new applications and resources benefiting traders and investors, and offering IT consulting services to local small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Nicholas Kuechler has worked for various Internet hosting companies and data centers since 1996 in a variety of roles, including customer service, server administration, network implementation, programming, web design, and many other IT related duties. He is familiar with the design, configuration, implementation, and maintenance of Internet servers which perform a variety of tasks, including web servers, email servers, and database servers. His administration skills include both UNIX/Linux and Windows operating systems administration.

Kuechler is a co-project administrator/manager of the AIStockBot project, an open-source software package designed to benefit traders and investors pick stocks using artificial intelligence bots. AIStockBot features include portfolio management, stock screener, stock analyzer, ordering system, and historical transaction repository. Michael Salvucci, founder of AIStockBot stated, “Nick has been involved with AIStockBot since the early stages and has always been active in the development process. He deserves this promotion.”


Trading Winner’s focus is reflected in its tagline: “Successful stock trading with a winner attitude.” While the site focuses on primarily on analysis and editorial, it also publishes original articles and features.

Trading Winner highlights stories of benefit and importance to traders and investors. Trading Winner also accompanies stories and articles with tips, suggestions, or insights on how to improve trader and investor successes and strengths, and reduce losses and weaknesses.

Trading Winner has numerous regular visitors who leave comments and participate in discussions, offering their own thoughts and insights on topics covered. Trading Winner has over 1,000 monthly visitors, and our number of visitors grows each month. Our readers span the globe, with about 75% of whom are located in the United States.


The primary goal of Trading Winner is to help traders and investors become more successful in their endeavors. A crucial element of helping our readers increase their success is to help them think like a winner. Trading Winner wants all readers to have and develop and winning attitude – to think, act, and work like a winner. Trading Winner’s goal is for each reader to become a Trading Winner themselves.

Kuechler conceived Trading Winner as a way to bring his personal knowledge, experience, and insights to the many traders and investors who have never traded or invested before, or those who have some trading and investing experience, but wish to learn more and develop their skills. Trading Winner publishes articles ranging from beginner to professional levels of understanding. For beginners, Trading Winner guides newcomers through the seemingly complicated world of brokers, research, and analysis focusing on educating the reader and helping them to understand the topics covered. For professionals, Trading Winner offers insights and commentaries and promotes discussion which experienced traders can use to further increase their understanding of subjects and share their knowledge and experiences with beginning traders and investors.

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Trading Winner was cited in a June 6, 2006, Financial Times ( article on NYSE Euronext Would Offer 12 Trading Hours.

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Trading Winner writes on any trading, investing, and business related news with the goal of benefiting our readers and helping them succeed in trading and investing.


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