Why I trade.

There are many reasons why I trade. Here are my top 4 reasons:

Excitement For me, trading is never boring. Each day brings new factors, new news, new stocks to choose from. Each trading day is different. To trade you must be active and alert, eliminating the possibility of being bored. Each day I trade is fresh and new which I think is part of the appeal of trading for me.

No Coworkers or Bosses No need to rely on others. No need to hear their bitching and moaning. No need to pull extra loads because someone called in sick. No boss can tell you they need you to come in on Saturday – the market’s are closed!

Choice All decisions are ultimately ours as traders to make. We do the research, find the stocks, execute the trades, and determine our own strategies. The power to succeed lies in our hands and how much work we put in. We see the results of our work instantly – either our portfolio goes down and we learn from that trade, or our portfolio goes up and we working on imporiving our strategies. The choice is ours.

Money Money money money. More money. I think this reason is self-explanatory.