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Classroom for Beginners – This classroom is for people new to trading and investing. These classes help beginners get started in the stock market. You can read about choosing an online stock broker, limiting your risk, read trading and investing tutorials, and more. Also includes an introduction to reading and understanding stock charts.

Key Posts

Here is a collection of posts every beginning investor and trader should read. Enjoy!

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: When is the stock market closed?

Answer: List of Dates the U.S. Stock Markets are Closed – 2011 Stock Market Holiday Dates

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  1. Hi my name is Bryan I barely graduated from High school and of my friends dad is a stock trader and he makes good money how could i start winning good money.

  2. It is good to invest in the stock market but you must be very careful and not speculate on rising stocks. I lost a lot of money but I have learned from my mistakes. Be wise and do not take big risks.

  3. Looking to get more info for how to become a stock market agent or broker??PLEASE IF ANYONE HAS AN IDEA HOW TO AND WHERE TO START….Thank you all for your time.

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