• Name: E*Trade
  • Website: http://www.etrade.com/
  • Phone: Call 1-800-ETRADE-1 (1-800-387-2331)
  • Outside the U.S., +1-916-636-2510


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Minimum Initial Deposit

  • $1,000

Special Offers at E*Trade

  • None yet!

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3 thoughts on “E*Trade”

  1. I have had an e-Trade account for a number of years and have been generally satisfied … HOWEVER …
    They have gotten greedy over the last few years and branched out into the mortgage market, including subprime stuff. And it seems to have come back to bite them, leaving a lot of exposure to potentially bad loans. Enough that it is putting their whole business at risk, from what I have read.
    That said, Citadel Investment has just purchased $2.5 billion (yes, Billion) of their mortgage securities – Ken Griffin is a pretty smart money guy …
    So, bottom line; I had been considering opening another account somewhere else and transferring but am now undecided.
    Any thoughts out there?

  2. Terrible customers service. Staff badly trained with very little knowledge of their own products. They will not make amends after they make a mistake. Avoid these people if at all possible

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