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I was doing some research on Google and Yahoo and came across a Financial Times article NYSE gets French mentioning I was pretty suprised and very happy to see Trading Winner and myself mentioned in a large, well respected financial publication – the Financial Times. requires registration, but you can see a snippet of the article without having to register. Here’s what Financial Times had to say:

NYSE gets French

Published: June 5 2006 03:00 | Last updated: June 5 2006 03:00

Day traders gave the thumbs up to the deal struck by the New York Stock Exchange and Euronext to form the first transatlantic stock exchange. While questions remained over the role of rival Deutsche B^╘rse, the NYSE’s $10bn (£5.3bn) offer appeared to win the day. “NYSE Euronext would be trading across two conti-nents during 12 hours of trading. I think this would be fantastic. This would cause a lot more action in the markets with the potential for a lot of new traders and an inflow of capital. I’m waiting for 24-hour trading,” said a trader on

Great publicity for and myself. I only wish they would have sent me an email letting me know I was being mentioned so I could have found out sooner!

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