Trading Winner Back From Hiatus

Trading Winner is back in business.

After a long – and much needed – break, I have returned. I’m back, feeling better than ever, and looking forward to spectacular trading and investing in 2007.

Why go on hiatus? A combination of personal life, business obligations, vacation, family gathers, holidays, sickness, and much, much more have prevented me from updating as often as I would have liked to. During my hiatus, I have made numerous pages of notes, topics, ideas, and other information I will be presenting on Trading Winner. My hiatus hasn’t been all “fun and games” – in fact it’s been mostly the opposite.

I’d like to give my sincerest thanks and warmest regards to all my regular visitors and readers. Sorry for taking a very long break. I really am. But now Trading Winner and I are back in business. I’m feeling better than ever, both mentally and physicall. Over the next few days I’m going to have numerous articles I’ve been working on while I have been “off-line” or “AFK” (away from keyboard).

Are you ready for trading and investing in 2007? I know I am. Already my portfolio has increased during the first few weeks of 2007. It looks like this could be a strong year for the markets. I’m looking forward to successful trading and investing for all! $-)

New Feature: View Stock Prices and Charts

Introducing Trading Winner Quotes & Charts

You now have the ability to see charts, quotes, news, blog posts, chatter and more at

You can access the charts & quotes by going to where TICKER is a valid stock ticker.

Here are some examples:

Hover Over a Stock on the Quotes and Charts Page!

When you hover over a stock ticker on the Quotes & Charts pages, a menu will pop up allowing you to get even more information quickly and easily about the stock.

The hover features include:

  • A miniature 5 day chart, called TinyCharts.
  • RSS feed for the stock.
  • Link to view Giant Charts.
  • Read blog posts mentioning the stock.
  • Read internet chatter mentioning the stock.
  • Click on the stock ticker to view the Quote and Chart page for that stock.

Start Browsing Charts and Prices

This giant stock market activity cloud will help you get started in your search for trades and investments. Click on the stock symbol to view the charts and price quotes.

Suggestions Welcome

Feedback, suggestions and problem reports are extremely welcome. I’m always looking to improve this site and your input and comments really help me know what I should focus on. Let me know if something doesn’t work, if a stock ticker is missing, if something can be improved, or if you have any general questions. Please Contact Me with your comments and suggestions.

My Watch List: VTI – Vanguard Total Stock Market ETF

Total Stock Market

The Vanguard Total Stock Market ETF (Ticker: VTI) has been added to my Watch List.

VTI tracks about 95% of the top U.S. common stocks, totalling over 1,200 different US stocks. The stocks VTI tracks cover all U.S. markets: NYSE, AMEX, Nasdaq and OTCBB stocks.

Advantages of VTI

VTI is very diversified and when you buy the VTI ETF, you’re buying a small piece of over 1,200 different stocks in the US stock markets. VTI offers a long term, low volatility play for investing. When the markets go up, VTI will go up.

Disadvantages of VTI

Being very diversified, you may miss out on gains from investing in invidual stocks. VTI holding are very spread out, which means your total return on VTI will be about the market average. You shouldn’t expect to sigificantly “beat the market” with VTI. When the markets go down, VTI will also go down.

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Added to My Portfolio: I Bought China

I Bought China

My portfolio has grown a little bit bigger. I bought the PGJ PowerShares ETF which is an ETF focused on China stocks.

I am looking to hold on to PGJ for at least 1 year and I will likely add to my PGJ position.


Investing in China was an easy decision for me to make. China has over 1 billion people and this number is rapidly growing. As the Chinese population makes more money and more people enter the middle class, the number of investors will surge, as will the prices of goods. More people will be investing in Chinese stocks. And people will be paying more at the stores, which is more capital for Chinese businesses.

I purchased a PowerShares exchanged traded fund (ETF) – PGJ – comprised of a number of China stocks and ADRs traded in US markets. PGJ is the Golden Dragon Halter USX China Portfolio. My goal with PGJ is to capitalize on the growth of China and to diversify my ETF holdings with some international flavor.

PGJ Info

Last Price: 16.93

Top Holdings:

  • CHL – China Mobile Ltd.
  • PTR – PetroChina Co. Ltd.
  • HNP – Huaneng Power International Inc.
  • CHU – China Unicom Ltd.
  • SNP – China Petroleum & Chemical Corp.
  • LFC – China Life Insurance Co. Ltd. (ADS)

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