Added to My Portfolio: I Bought China

I Bought China

My portfolio has grown a little bit bigger. I bought the PGJ PowerShares ETF which is an ETF focused on China stocks.

I am looking to hold on to PGJ for at least 1 year and I will likely add to my PGJ position.


Investing in China was an easy decision for me to make. China has over 1 billion people and this number is rapidly growing. As the Chinese population makes more money and more people enter the middle class, the number of investors will surge, as will the prices of goods. More people will be investing in Chinese stocks. And people will be paying more at the stores, which is more capital for Chinese businesses.

I purchased a PowerShares exchanged traded fund (ETF) – PGJ – comprised of a number of China stocks and ADRs traded in US markets. PGJ is the Golden Dragon Halter USX China Portfolio. My goal with PGJ is to capitalize on the growth of China and to diversify my ETF holdings with some international flavor.

PGJ Info

Last Price: 16.93

Top Holdings:

  • CHL – China Mobile Ltd.
  • PTR – PetroChina Co. Ltd.
  • HNP – Huaneng Power International Inc.
  • CHU – China Unicom Ltd.
  • SNP – China Petroleum & Chemical Corp.
  • LFC – China Life Insurance Co. Ltd. (ADS)

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  1. Dear Sir,
    I am from Malaysia. I shall be grateful if you would share with me, if you don’t mind, your experience in investing online. I am new to this technology. However, I see a lot of potential investing in some gold stocks, and some China play. I shall be thankful if you would recoomend a reliable online broker with good charts for me to make decisions. I would like to learn to trade to make some money like you.I would love to hear from your experience.Thank you.

    Lim CHung Tee
    H/P: 0198863382

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