Added to My Portfolio: Growth, Value and Oil

My Portfolio Grows

My portfolio page was a bit out of date. I’ve added some new gems to my portfolio of stocks and investments.

I wanted to buy something long term (1+ years) and exchange traded funds (ETF) were the perfect fit for me. All three ETFs I bought are PowerShares exchange traded funds. My three ETFs cover different goals: Growth, Value and Oil


For growth I purchased PWB. PWB is the PowerShares Large Cap Growth ETF. My goal with PWB is to capitalize on the gains of future stock trading. PWB ETF invests in companies that are poised for growth. Growth is one element my investing strategy.


Value is very important to me and is my most useful investment strategy. PWV is my value choice. PWV is the PowerShares Large Cap Value ETF. Large cap value finds stocks that are at a comparitively lower valuation than other stocks in their sector. The thinking is that buying stocks at a low valuation will hopefully blossom in to a very fruitful tree in the future.


I am betting on oil prices going up in the US to the $4+ per gallon range. In order to take advantage of higher oil prices and gas prices, I bought PXJ. PXJ is the PowerShares Oil & Gas Services ETF. As oil and gas prices rice, so too will the price of PXJ.

2 thoughts on “Added to My Portfolio: Growth, Value and Oil”

  1. After prices just dropped below $2/gal you want them to rise to $4 just so you can profit on stocks?! You have to be kidding me.

  2. Hi Ryan,

    Oil plays do draw a lot of criticism.

    In my position, I see gas prices going up. Granted as a gasonline consumer I do not want gas and oil prices to rise. I want them to fall.

    But as an investor in oil and gas services, I want my PXJ shares to go up.

    I figure gas prices are going to go up. Buying PXJ allows me to recoup some of the losses I spend to fill my car with gas. I see my PXJ investment as putting money back in to my own pocket.

    I would hope you are more upset at the multinational corporations making the REAL money. Exxon Mobil (Ticker: XOM) posts over $10 billion in profits this quarter, and XOM is poised to report the highest quarterly profits ever in 4Q 2006.

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