New Feature: View Stock Prices and Charts

Introducing Trading Winner Quotes & Charts

You now have the ability to see charts, quotes, news, blog posts, chatter and more at

You can access the charts & quotes by going to where TICKER is a valid stock ticker.

Here are some examples:

Hover Over a Stock on the Quotes and Charts Page!

When you hover over a stock ticker on the Quotes & Charts pages, a menu will pop up allowing you to get even more information quickly and easily about the stock.

The hover features include:

  • A miniature 5 day chart, called TinyCharts.
  • RSS feed for the stock.
  • Link to view Giant Charts.
  • Read blog posts mentioning the stock.
  • Read internet chatter mentioning the stock.
  • Click on the stock ticker to view the Quote and Chart page for that stock.

Start Browsing Charts and Prices

This giant stock market activity cloud will help you get started in your search for trades and investments. Click on the stock symbol to view the charts and price quotes.

Suggestions Welcome

Feedback, suggestions and problem reports are extremely welcome. I’m always looking to improve this site and your input and comments really help me know what I should focus on. Let me know if something doesn’t work, if a stock ticker is missing, if something can be improved, or if you have any general questions. Please Contact Me with your comments and suggestions.

One thought on “New Feature: View Stock Prices and Charts”

  1. Have you written a piece yet on money management? In particular, I’ve been looking around at other traders’ blogs to see who is talking specifics about what their expectations are, percentage-wise, of monthly and annual profits and what size pile of capital they depend on to make a living as traders. Unfortunately, nobody is really talking. Which is a shame because this is some of the most important stuff for aspiring traders to understand.

    Speaking for myself, I’ve been making about 15% a month for the last 3 months but have no idea whether this is normal for a swing trader or just very lucky. Or maybe it’s terrible compared to most pros? Any thoughts?

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