Trading Winner Accepted In To 9rules Network

Trading Winner Accepted In To 9rules Network

Today is a very exciting and special day for me and We were just accepted in to the 9rules Network!

What is the 9rules Network?

We highlight the very best web content in the world, and package it in a nice bow for you to unwrap. Our members discuss a wide range of topics from interface design and technology, to business, humor, and many others.

Being accepted as a 9rules member is very motivating for me. To be considered by 9rules as having “the very best web content in the world” is a great honor for me and It is also quite humbling. will be right next to other great blogs and resources on Some of these blogs are full time jobs run by professional bloggers. I am far from being a professional blogger. I am not a great author. I’m not the most successful stock trader. I do try my hardest to improve all of the above.

Being accepted motivates me to work even harder developing my skills as a trader, as a writer, and as an online professional. I try my hardest to give my readers and visitors great trading articles and a great experience visiting my blog. I am committed to constantly improving every aspect of Trading Winner.

Congratulations to all of the new members accepted by 9rules!


2 thoughts on “Trading Winner Accepted In To 9rules Network”

    I hope more people will subscribe your blog and get involved in discussions.
    At the moment, I barely have anything to share with others, but hopely I will be able to do that in a few years.

  2. Hi PW,

    Thank you very much! It really means a lot to me. Being accepted in to the 9rules Network is very exciting and motivating for me. I have always been dedicated to growing my own personal knowledge, and developing Trading Winner to be a great resource for traders and investors. Being a part of 9rules takes my motivation, dedication, and quest for knowledge to the “next level” – a level I was not expecting.

    I also hope more people will subscribe and join in discussions. I really like hearing comments and discussings topics with people like you, PW. Thanks a lot for your support and great comments! 🙂

    In regards to sharing information, I feel asking questions promotes sharing knowledge. You may have a great question and someone else may leave a great answer. Sharing knowledge is a two-way interaction: someone wants to learn and someone wants to share their knowledge.

    I truly enjoy sharing my (limited, but constantly growing) knowledge of trading and investing. Sure, I may know a lot more than most people, but overall I feel I don’t know much at all. I am satisfied knowing – or hoping – I can help others build and grow their own knowledge and education. I know my knowledge is inferior to the likes of Warren Buffet, but I strive to learn and read as much as I possibly can – just as Warren did when he was younger. I will continue to share everything I have learned in the past and everything I will learn in the future. I hope others like you will do the same. Teach your family and friends about the stock market, trading, and investing. You may feel you do not know a lot, but I am sure they know even less or maybe even nothing about it.

    Helping others helps us. We may not learn something new, but we gain experience in communicating our knowledge and ideas to others. Maybe while you’re telling them about trading, you get a great idea which will benefit and help you succeed. Maybe a new question pops up which you do not know the answer to, which you then go search for or discuss with others and learn the answer to.

    PW: I want to personally thank you again. Your interest, comments, questions, and insights really do help me grow as a trader, investor, writer, and blogger. I sincerely hope I am helping you grow, too. You are my most regular commentor and all your comments are great! I wish we had more people like you here. Then we can all grow and learn and succeed together. 🙂

    Best Regards,
    Nick / Enhanced

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