MasterCard (MA) IPO

MasterCard (NYSE: MA) shares jumped in it’s IPO on Thursday. MasterCard ended the day up +14% with shares instantly surging from the opening price of 40.20 to the closing price of 46.00.

MasterCard’s IPO has been the strongest IPO debut of 2005 and 2006.

The fundamentals are looking good – MA holds $1.3 billion in cash and another $1.3 billion in stockholder equity. MasterCard’s IPO has raised over $2 billion for the company.

I should have analyzed MasterCard’s fundamentals and reports a lot sooner. Long term I think MA can be a solid investment. Revenues are up from 2005 and I see this trend continuing for a number of years. Short term, I think MA still has potential for profitable trades with such a strong debut. The next few days will be key for short term traders.

Anyone get in on the MA IPO? What are you thoughts on MA short term or long term?

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