Prediction: Market Correction or Big Market Decline?

What is your prediction: are the markets in the middle of a correction, or will the markets be heading substantially lower?

My opinion is that this massive sell off we are seeing is more than a correction, I believe the markets are heading significantly lower. I see NASDAQ bouncing between 2100 to 2200 for 2-4 weeks. I do not think NASDAQ will hit 2000, but breaching 2100, in my opinion, seems possible and likely.

NASDAQ 2 Year Chart:

NASDAQ 2 year chart

Dow 2 year Chart:

Dow 2 year chart

S&P 500 2 year Chart:

S&P 500 2 year chart

What is your prediction regarding the market action we are seeing around the world right now?

I have also created a new forum thread at the Enhanced Trader Forums: Prediction: Market Correction or Big Market Decline? Share your predictions and thoughts about the action we are seeing in the stock markets.

One thought on “Prediction: Market Correction or Big Market Decline?”

  1. I just wanted to post my opinion that the Nasdaq will not dip below 2200. I am looking at a range of 2200 to 2400 for a while.

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