Silver Exchange Traded Fund (ETF): SLV

Silver Exchange Traded Fund (ETF): SLV

Introducing the new silver exchange traded fund (ETF): SLV

You can get in on the hot commodities and precious metals actions without owning physical metals such as gold and silver coins. Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) allow you to invest in commodities and precious metals, like Gold and Silver, and watch your ETF investment grow as the prices of gold, silver, and other commodities rise.

For those unfamiliar with Exchange Traded Funds, or ETFs, read my Exchange-Traded Funds – ETF on my Investing Winner blog. ETFs have many advantages and can benefit every stock trader and investor.

People have recently asked me about an exchange traded fund based on the price of Silver. One such silver ETF is the IShares Silver ETF, with ticker symbol SLV (ETF: SLV).

About the iShares silver trust etf:
Price: $138.12
Today’s Change:: +9.12 (+7.1%)

The SLV etf is sponsored by Barclay’s Global Investors and has been in the works for more than a year. Silver’s big brother gold also has an ETF in active trading, ticker symbol GLD.

Investors and traders alike have been waiting for the creation of the silver ETF. We can see their support and liking of the new SLV etf with the 7% jump in the price of the ETF, which was introduced on the stock markets on Friday, April 28, 2006.

Global investors are predicting both silver and gold will continue to rise even more than they have in the past year, due to concerns over Iran’s nuclear program, weakened dollar, gas and oil prices, and buying of precious metals by world banks.

SLV price quotes and charts

5 thoughts on “Silver Exchange Traded Fund (ETF): SLV”

  1. Silver aint stoppin. To 20! Buy it any way you can. The ETF has and will only continue to increase the price of silver. Buy it for longterm. With all the drama in the world .. this is ice. Buy as much as you can. Gold, Oil, and the ETF will only carry it higher. Good luck.

  2. My take is that when Robert Kiyosaki says to buy silver. Then the market is quickly reaching a top.

    I just fail to see a *real* reason (i.e not one related to market psychology) why people should own silver. Right now it seems like everyone is buying silver because they expect the silver ETF to create more demand for silver. That is circular logic. And I am not convinced.

  3. Mutual funds, diversify the types you have. Don’t put ‘all your eggs’ in one basket in either individual stocks- spread the risk with mutual funds. At your age, you can easily have 20% in foreign funds, 80% in domestic funds. Check out websites like Fidelity, Vanguard, Tdameritrade…and watch those FEES, try to stick to no-load funds.

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