NYSE Euronext Would Offer 12 Trading Hours

I came across an article about the possible NYSE and Euronext merger on Yahoo! news: NYSE Euronext Would Offer 12 Trading Hours If the merger proceeds, NYSE Euronext would be trading across 2 continents during 12 hours of trading. I think this would be fantastic. This would cause a lot more action in the markets with the potential for a lot of new traders and an inflow of capital. I’m waiting for the coming day of 24 hour trading – non-stop trading action. I believe 24 hour trading is still another 5 to 10 years away. What are your thoughts?

MasterCard (MA) IPO

MasterCard (NYSE: MA) shares jumped in it’s IPO on Thursday. MasterCard ended the day up +14% with shares instantly surging from the opening price of 40.20 to the closing price of 46.00.

MasterCard’s IPO has been the strongest IPO debut of 2005 and 2006.

The fundamentals are looking good – MA holds $1.3 billion in cash and another $1.3 billion in stockholder equity. MasterCard’s IPO has raised over $2 billion for the company.

I should have analyzed MasterCard’s fundamentals and reports a lot sooner. Long term I think MA can be a solid investment. Revenues are up from 2005 and I see this trend continuing for a number of years. Short term, I think MA still has potential for profitable trades with such a strong debut. The next few days will be key for short term traders.

Anyone get in on the MA IPO? What are you thoughts on MA short term or long term?

Vonage IPO Update

Vonage IPO Update

Vonage (NYSE: VG) shares have fallen 24% from 17.25 to 13.00 since the introduction of VG to the stock market on Wednesday.

Stock traders and investors are pricing in increased VOIP competition and high marketing costs, driving down the price. The future does not look so bright for Vonage. Some analysts believe Vonage IPO was overpriced, with many believing the price should have been around $10 per share.

The Vonage IPO has been the worst introduction this year, falling 13% on it’s first day of trading, and falling 24% total in two days of trading. Not very impressive.

I personally don’t like any VOIP stocks, mostly due to heavy competition. I am going to stay away from VG.

Prediction: Market Correction or Big Market Decline?

What is your prediction: are the markets in the middle of a correction, or will the markets be heading substantially lower?

My opinion is that this massive sell off we are seeing is more than a correction, I believe the markets are heading significantly lower. I see NASDAQ bouncing between 2100 to 2200 for 2-4 weeks. I do not think NASDAQ will hit 2000, but breaching 2100, in my opinion, seems possible and likely.

NASDAQ 2 Year Chart:

NASDAQ 2 year chart

Dow 2 year Chart:

Dow 2 year chart

S&P 500 2 year Chart:

S&P 500 2 year chart

What is your prediction regarding the market action we are seeing around the world right now?

I have also created a new forum thread at the Enhanced Trader Forums: Prediction: Market Correction or Big Market Decline? Share your predictions and thoughts about the action we are seeing in the stock markets.