Benefits of Investing in Index ETFs

Investing Winner has a good article about the advantages of investing in index ETFs.

The benefits of index ETFs include:

  • Diversification of stocks
  • Diversification of industries
  • Reduced risk
  • Dividend income
  • Top companies in the market
  • Tax efficient
  • Low expense ratios

You can also find a list of all the U.S. index ETFs in the article.

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Complete List of India ETFs for 2011

India’s economy, like China’s economy, is rapidly growing. India is quickly modernizing, though not as fast as China – right now. India is the second most populous nation, behind China. But India is the most populous democracy in the world and India’s economy follows free market principles. Over the next ten to twenty years, China and India both will experience significant growth and prosperity.

For those interested in investing in India, there are many ETFs available. Some of these ETFs such as the 2X bull and 2X bear can see good volatility astute daytraders can take advantage of. Some of the other India ETFs in this list focus on various sectors and stocks, such as the top 50 Indian companies.

Here is the complete list of India ETFs in 2011:

Complete List of China ETFs for 2011

China stocks are a good place to diversify long term investments and also can make for profitable short term trading as well. We all know China is rapidly growing and modernizing. There are many hot sectors in China trading right now and there are a growing number of exchange traded funds (ETFs) allowing you to trade and invest in this hot market.

Some of the China based ETFs can see volatile trading days and can move up or down 2% to 3% or more. Day traders can see good day trades or swing trades with China ETFs. Daytraders will also see lower overall risks trading most ETFs as you can hold it long term until the price increases. Many of these China ETFs have offered great returns on longer term holds in the past and my bet is that they will see great returns in the future.

Here is the complete list of China ETFs in 2011: