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Donald Trump has a lot of great things to say. Mr. Trump a very intelligent man who has mastered the business game. Sure, he may say a lot of things, but there are many great gems. The quote below is one of my favorite Donald Trump quotes.

“For entrepreneurs, ignorance is not bliss. It’s fatal. It’s costly. And it’s for losers. You either get organized, or get crushed.” – Donald J. Trump

Donald Trump is exactly correct: organization is crucial in every aspect of business. Trump states he overprepares for important meetings and negotiations. He plans out questions he expects and questions to ask. He prepares for every scenario he may encounter. His excellent organizational skills are an asset he uses to produce successful results in his negotiations.

Organization is “the act of arranging in a systematic way for use or action” and “an organized structure for arranging or classifying” (

Developing your own organizational system and style can greatly benefit you not only as an entrepreneur or in the business world, but also as a stock trader or investor. You can apply the same organizational strategies and techniques to your stock trading and investing. While doing research, you can organize your notes, watch list, and potential plays more efficiently. After time, as you gain more experience, you can organize information more reliably and a lot faster. Speed and reliability are crucial when make fast, non-stop trading decisions.

One thing traders and investors can organize is their strategy for trading and investing their money. A trading plan gives definition and rules to the method you use to trade stocks “in your mind”. Basically, you’re writing down “how” you trade stocks on paper.

Traders and investors can also organize stocks on their watch list in to groups. Groups you can use are “day trades”, “swing trades”, “watch earnings”, “dividends”, and “value”. Some people use the stock’s business sector, such as manfucaturing or bio-tech. Create your own way to organize the stocks you watch.

As The Donald says, “you either get organized, or you get crushed.” Give structure to your trading life by efficiently organizing the massive amounts of information you see on a daily basis. Develop your organizational skills.

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2 thoughts on “Donald J. Trump – Organization Quote”

  1. Mr. Trump certainly is correct about organization. But I wonder who forgot about that when he sold his name to the developers of Trump Tower Tampa. This project has been nothing short of a disaster from announcement. Any high school student aspiring to become an engineer would have known prior to purchase that the Trump Tower site would require large, deep caissons to support the proposed 52 story tower. It is unimaginable that either the developers or Donald Trump could have been so naive as to embark upon such a project without having this most basic knowledge.

    Making matters worse, and adding months of delays on top of rising costs and more years of delays, is the fact that the developers have never actually marshalled anything approaching a full scale effort: crew, machinery, work schedule or anything at all resembling the sort of involvement that realistic development of the project demands.

    A representative recently tried to dismiss all this with infantile excuses, rather than admitting that the challenges of funding, engineering, planning and construction on this scale are simply beyond Simdag’s expertise. Organization? I don’t see any evidence of it whatsoever. So where’s the Donald, and where has he been for the past year?

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