Rate Your Stock Broker

There is a new section on Trading Winner called Stock Brokers.

The Stock Brokers section contains a list of all the on-line stock brokers. If you do not see your broker listed, leave a comment or contact me.

The Stock Brokers page contains a list of the brokers with links to see all the information I have gathered about that broker. Quickly find the information you need: their phone number, website, minimum initial deposit, commissions fees, and special deals.

You will also find a rating system where you can rate your overall satisfaction with your broker. Leave a comment about why you like your broker and any good or bad experiences you’ve had with them.

For newcomers to online trading and investing, seeing a broker with high ratings and good feedback may make their decision on choosing an online stock broker a lot easier.

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9 thoughts on “Rate Your Stock Broker”

  1. I use thinkorswim, and like them very much. Besides being fast and powerful, their trading platform (and website design) is actually nice to look at.

    I’d give em 5/5.

  2. I used Jack White and when they were bought out by TD Waterhouse I used them. TD Waterhouse was merged intoTD Ameritrade and I am very happy with them. Their website, recently updated is thorough and any problems are quickly addressed. They also try to get a client the best price on a trade. Their fees are very low especially for a active or substantial client. My only fault with them is now their telephone service is poor. Cost of purchasing No-Load mutual funds is rather high.

  3. I am using Interactive Brokers and I am quite unsatisfied with them, the latest version of their software (Trader work station) and their customer service, one of the cheapest I know.

  4. I have been betting at Apple and Goldman Sachs mainly. The last Goldman fall helped me make a lot money with my puts but I retained Apple for the longer term, I think it has longer term potential. Thanks for your educational posts and please wirte more.

  5. Stay away from CMC Markets. Their spreads are worse than anywhere else and whenever you place a market order you will be immediately given a “requote” at a price worse than what is being quoted. You’ll then be given 5 seconds to decide. If you decline, you go through the whole process again. No such thing as getting a market order done with them. They are the “Scalp the customer” kings of brokers.

  6. I have used Scotia Wealth , Curow Svetek Group Down over 50%

    bad advice , hard to contact , you cant aford them either. Look elsewhere

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